Saturday, 16 April 2011

Rhian Facts!

Here's the lowdown on all things Rhian, just because she's awesome and everyone loves her!

1 - Date of birth: 21-01-09
2 - Time of birth: 8:10pm
3 - Weight at birth: 7lb 11oz
4 - Full name: Rhian Ray McNeil (she has her dad's last name)
5 - She's named after my awesome Uncle Ray.
6 - She's also named after the Fleetwood Mac song, 'Rhiannon'
7 - The first jar food she ate was Beef Stew. She hated it!
8 - Her favourite stuffed toy used to be a wee giraffe named Gerald.
9 - Rhian's first word was 'hiya'
10 - She's about to become a big sister, her dad's girlfriend was due 5 days ago.
11 - She can't go to bed without being read to.  
12 - She can't sleep without her doggie, Brandi, and her hedgehog, Bub.
13 - Her first pet was Rhino the hamster (at her dad's)
14 - And her 2nd and 3rd pets were Bunny and Havok (mine!)
15 - Everytime the traffic light goes green, she yells "green man! yaaayyyyy!"
16 - She calls most of her drawings 'sunshine'
17 - Her favourite TV programme is Waybuloo, and she loves Lau Lau the best.
18 - She's obsessed with Hello Kitty and Peppa Pig.
19 - During EVERY car journey, she sings Balamory.
20 - She LOVES apples.
21 - She's not allergic to anything.
22 - Her favourite music is by Lady Gaga and 30 Seconds To Mars. She particularly loves Bad Romance, either version.
23 - She knows what her name looks like.
24 - She can count to 10.
25 - She calls Hello Kitty, 'Hello Kitty Cat'
26 - Fudge and Milkybar are her favourite sweeties.
27 - If she could, she'd live in my gran and grandad's big trampoline.
28 - She loves going down the slide.
29 - Her favourite pen is a neon yellow one :)
30 - She doesn't like getting her hair washed.
31 - She likes flashing her belly button.
32 - She's used her potty twice!!!
33 - Whenever someone says to her "you're gorgeous", Rhian says "no, Rhian beautiful!"
34 - When she wants something, she says "pleeeeeeeease!" with a cute grin.
35 - She is the absolute light of my life. And she knows it!

And that is all for now! Loveages!!!

<3 <3 <3 Claire xxxx


  1. Awww Claire I LOVE all of these, it has made me love her even more!! She really is one of the cutest, how cute that her first word was 'hiya'!! xxxx <3 xxxx

  2. Aww she's sooo cute Claire, I love that she replies Rhian beautiful, that's sooo cute xx

  3. aww thank you girlies!! lol she totally knows she's cute. she has a habit of saying that she's gorgeous but that nobody else is. she did say "mummy gorgeous" yesterday tho, which made me smile!! <3 xxx