My Favourite Blogs!

I am a chick who adores reading, and who finds others' views and lives interesting to read.

I really like the blogs that I am currently following, but there's a certain few that keep me amused for ages, and this is the shortlist:

From Fallen Angel To Yummy Mummy, by the lovely Emma Louise. The reasons I enjoy this one, is because I can relate to her. She is a mummy with a gorgeous wee man, Cameron, and she also has depression. Lots of mums won't admit to this, but Emma's candour and honesty makes her blog a joy to read. I also love the updates on Cameron, and he's as cute as a puppy!

Life Of A Sweetaholic, by the cute Rachel Melissa Crawford. Recently, she updated her blog with the story of how she and Liam got together, and it warmed my heart! Her blog is a bit of everything, including fashion and photographs she likes, but most of all SWEETS! Rachel's sweet tooth is a match for mine, and I was lucky enough to win one of her awesome competitions (a cube of Retro Sweets, which brought me right back to 1996!). It's just braw!

Tink's Tales, by the glam Dani Jordan Terry, is ace because she shares her style with us, and it's mostly sexy and punky :D Also, she talks loads about her two adorable wee boys, and also has some of the best competitions! I won a red clutch bag from Tinks Tales, and it's just super cute!

The Only Exception, by Charlotte Marie, is ace. I like it because she's got a creative and deep mind, and she likes fashion. She's quite different when it comes to clothes and accessories, and she's generally a sassy lady! Check it out (my favourite was the Love Lock photograph).

Blood Filled Kiss, by Sarah Louise Kelly. This is one of two blogs she writes, and though I've only recently joined this one, it's already a good read. She's funny and frank, and I totally get her opinions. I've always liked reading things Sarah writes, even something as small as a Facebook status, so this makes me happy!

Mairead Clabby Fashion, by Mai Clabby, is a brilliant read. It's like a glossy fashion mag but on a blog! She writes about all the celebs trends, and what everybody's wearing. She also has a brilliant eye for clothes, and always looks stunning! If you love fashion even half as much as Mai does, her blog is the place to go! 

These are all the ones I'm including for now, but there will be more added in the future! 
Loveage! <3 xxx