Sunday, 17 April 2011

30 Day 'About Me' Challenge - Day 3

A Picture Of You When You Were A Baby:

I thought I'd give you more of a 'timeline', rather than just one picture ^_^
In these photos, my age ranges from my 1st birthday, to age 20 <3

                        <----- me with face paint on at age 4
                        my first birthday! my mummy made
                        the cake                        --------------->                                                          
          <----- me aged 4!
          me, my folks, my auntie Fi 
          & unk Ray, my big sis Chelle
          and big cousin Amanda ------>                                                   

       <-----me, my wee sis Samantha & big sis Chelle, at Sammi's Holy Communion

                       me at Halloween aged about 8 ------------------->

     <---- me and my amazing grandad, James Sutherland. R.I.P.

    me at my thinnest, my 18th birthday party ------------>

   <------------me and my mum at my 18th


<----------- me and my tremendous Uncle Ray

                me and one of my bestest mates, G  ---------->

 <-------------- me and G again!

 <----------- me and one of my besties, Iain

         <----------- Johno, me and G

            me and my dad, Billy ---->

   <----------------- me and my besties,
     Louise and Mandy

       me, my wee sis Sam, and my big sis Chelle, on Chelle's 21st birthday ---------->

                                (below) me and Chelle

   <----- my folks

So, there's my life in pictures! That'll be all for now!
Loveages <3 xxx

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