Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Cal McPhail & the Miracle Drug

This post is about something that means alot to me, and also, especially, my fiance Cal. 
Cal (38) has experienced, first-hand, the devastating effects of cancer. He lost his beloved mother Irene to ovarian and bone cancer in 2006, after two and a half years of pain. The cancer started in her ovaries, then gradually spread through the bone. She was cared for by MacMillan and now Cal wants to give something back.
A photographer by trade, he is choosing to use his skill to make calendars through his new website, Miracle Drug Calendars. The idea is to have different types of calendars (ie. blondes; redheads; young lads etc.) I'll be modelling it myself! I'm more than happy to get my kit off for a good cause, as are many, it seems! Many people want to get involved, and that's only the beginning!
Miracle Drug will also be having its own event night, filled with all sorts of fun! There are already some people on board, helping this ship to sail. 
One of these awesome people is Cara Hunter-Liddle who has just recently been made political correspondent for STV. With the combination of her brain and Cal's skill, this is sure to be a success. 
   On the left here is an example of what this calendar will look like, using a shot taken for the last calendar he made in 2007.  
I am very much looking forward to taking part in this, as I have also been devastated by cancer (I lost my grandad to it in 2004) and if anyone has any contacts, or wants to model for the calendar, you're more than welcome! Just give me a shout, you know where to find me! 

Miracle Drug Calendars
Cal's Facebook

And that is all for now! I'll be writing again soon, so keep reading! Loveages to my gorgeous followers, as ever <3 xxxx

 left - Cal modelling for his calendar in 2007
middle - Cal and his mum, when he was just 15
bottom - beautiful Irene, 5/2/46 - 21/1/06 R.I.P. <3 XXX

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